Welcome to the Padded Cell





Hi,.. I'm Curt Samuels,

The Warden, and Chief Looney here at the padded cell, as is demonstrated by my

 philosophy on life, which you can read here.

Click on the Jolly Fat Man (above) to see some of my 3D artwork,.. Digital finger-paintings of a sort.

(They tell me it is good therapy. So take a look and drop me a note and tell me what you think.)

Click the picture to know more.

This is Jean, my beloved wife, and soulmate,

who left this life on July 12th 2012,

after a courageous fight with cancer.


She will be truly missed.









Let me introduce you to the rest of the inmates here.


This is Denys Samuels, with his bride, Rita Mae.





This is Kisber, with her husband, Bobby.


Kisber has Mommy points, with little

Aubrie Louise Fawcett

(Click her name to see more pictures)

She is her Mommy's girl, and her Papaw's sweetheart.





This is Michael, with her husband, Jonathon Boggs


Michael has now scored Mommy points, with little
Elnora Samantha Jean Boggs   Jackson Alexander

Ishmel Boggs

(Click the name to see more pictures)

Elnora was born on her Mamaw's birthday. We all know

she is proud, I know that I am, of both of them.



This is Mahleah, with her husband(to-be), Nathan Thompson


Mahli has now scored Mommy points as well, with little

Dustin Ryan Allen Samuels

Born on May 18th.

2012 is a great year for a proud Papaw.




This is Bevan Samuels, with his wife (to-be), Courtney.

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